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[linking] Queensland Floods Fanwork Auction

Good day, community. As you probably know by now, Queensland has experienced a series of debilitating floods that has completely decimated people's homes,  businesses, and lives. The total damage is estimated to be in the billions. It'll take an ungodly amount of effort for these people to get back on their feet and most definitely, they will need all the help that they can get.  Our hearts go out to all the people who have been affected. We, as a community, can still lend a hand in aiding them, no matter how small we are.

Several fundraiser efforts have been organized and I humbly request you guys to consider them. More notes on them below.

qldfloodauction is a multi-fandom based fundraiser designed to garner financial aid through auctioning fanworks and donating the proceeds to specific institutions. Participants can offer their favored specialties - whether it's fanfiction, fanart, icons, crafts, or others - and people bid for them. The highest bidding amount wins and gets to 'purchase' the participant's fanworks and gets their specific prompts done, depending on future arrangements. The winning bidder is then required to donate the amount s/he promised to a chosen institution.

Please check this link for a list of the participants. A broad spectrum of things (and fandoms) are being offered, so you'll definitely find something that will capture your fancies. Offering your own fanworks is extremely encouraged! Check out the same link and browse through qldfloodauction for more information. Bidding ends on January 26, 2011.

★ If writing fics is your thing, please take a gander at waltzmatildah 's Fic Fundraiser Challenge. It works exactly like qldfloodauction , sans the fact that it's fic-centric.

★ If you prefer making graphics and such, you might be interested in owemebreakfast 's Flood Media Fundraiser. It follows similar mechanics, though it's focusing on graphics this time.

★ Any questions and inquiries? Feel free to comment below and I'll answer what I can!

If you guys have existing threads in any of the above and you want them pimped out, just drop me the link in the comments below and I'll add them gradually to this post.

Remember - every bit of help will be a big relief to these people. Let's do what we can! There's no better way to show our love for Australia than to assist it in its time of need.

Thanks and stay safe!
- didgeridoodle 

P.S. Much gratitude to abarero , socchan , arachnes_web , and daisukiyaki who have brought this to my attention.


abarero :  Here and here! (Offering fics and drabbles.)

haro : Here! (Offering fics.)

sherry_doll : Here! (Offering fics and art.)

didgeridoodle : Here! (Offering fics.)

dani_in_japan : Here! (Offering various crafts: purses, bags, wristlets, etc.)
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